Horse Manure for Sale

Manure is now available for sale at Festina Lente 

If you are interested in purchasing manure please call into our garden shop or telephone Manure Sales on 01-2720708 ext 210  from 9am – 16:00 Monday to Friday for orders or email

Manure can be purchased either from Festina Lente 7 days a week.  Unfortunately we are unable to facilitate deliveries at the moment .

When visiting us at Old Connaught Avenue, you will be required to wear a face mask at all times and comply with social distancing guidelines. 

Thank you for supporting your local charity Festina Lente.  Stay safe and we hope to see you soon. 

At Festina Lente we sell our own mature, low odour horse manure.

It is perfect for soil conditioning, feeding and mulching your garden or allotments especially during the Spring and Autumn months.

Our manure will be very beneficial to your garden or allotment. One bag is enough to cover an area one meter square and we will give you advice and instructions on how best to apply it. Horse manure can give new plants a jump start while providing essential nutrients for continual growth.

As you may know, manure contains very important nutrients that all plants and vegetables thrive on and it also offers lots of soil improvement advantages.

Manure will condition your soil and result in a finer and easier soil to work. It helps build the organic matter content, increases microbial activity, and improves drainage in heavy soils and moisture retention in sandy soils which ultimately results in the healthier growth of plants.

Manure helps to prevent soil and wind erosion by binding sandy soil particles together and also prevents caking, cracking, and water run-off that occurs when clay soil dries out.

About Manure

Manure consists of three basic elements critical to plant health: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen allows plants to produce the proteins needed to build living tissue for green stems, strong roots, and lots of leaves. Phosphorus helps move energy throughout the plant, especially important in maturing plants. Potassium aids plants in adapting sugars needed in growth and is especially helpful in root crops.

Together, these three elements form that magic formula, N-P-K, the backbone of all fertilizers, man-made or organic. Manure also contains large amounts of humus, a wonderful soil amendment.

Humus is simply the bulky, fibrous material that comes from plant fibres and animal remains and is valuable in several ways: it gives better tilth to clay soils; supplies food for soil flora and fauna; preserves moisture during dry spells, while ensuring good drainage during wet times; and it is a storehouse for nitrogen in the soil. In short, humus acts like a reservoir, allowing nutrients to work.

*Remember, when handling manure always wear gloves and wash your hands after use.

Contact us today to order your manure.

Telephone Manure Sales at 086 238 1283 from 08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Saturday


  • 1 Ready Filled Bag (approx 20kg) only €5
  • 1 Ton Bag €62.50
  • Fill up your own trailer (dependent on trailer size).
  • 1 JCB bucket (approx. 8 bags) €37.50