An allotment, is a plot of land which individuals or families rent at a location close to their home, where they can grow food or other plants. People often rent allotments if they do not have a garden or if their existing space does not meet their needs. Allotments are a great way of meeting a whole new community of enthusiastic gardeners as well as providing an opportunity to connect with nature. Allotments at Festina Lente can be small, medium or large and are priced accordingly.

Meet some of our wonderful Allotment holders!


There are 3 sizes of allotment: small, medium & large. The prices are €165, €200 & €400 per annum.

At Festina Lente our allotments are situated within the walls of the Victorian Garden. Allotments come in three sizes and they are rented out on an annual basis.

Included in our Allotment Package is:

  • The allotment
  • Seeds
  • Use of polytunnel
  • Advice from our onsite Horticulturists

Due to demand, there is a waiting list for an allotment.

If you wish to enquire further, or are an existing allotment holder and wish to make a payment please contact Michelle Kavanagh, Garden Office Administrator at or by telephone on 087 433 8541

Please pay only once you have received written confirmation that you have been allocated an allotment.

Festina Lente Gardens are a Pobal Funded Community Project. We are members of the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland and form part of the Wicklow Tours Trail. In compliance with Government Pandemic guidelines, when we are in a position to, we offer various special events, services and workshops for families, children and adults at different times throughout the year. 

We also host an Allotment Competition every July. 

  • We are delighted to provide you with an allotment from February to December.
  • Festina Lente Gardens Opening Hours: 8.30-5 pm Mon – Fri, 9.30-6 pm Sat and 11-6 pm on Sunday. Those wishing to work on plots after working hours must phone the garden office on 087-4338541 in advance to make arrangements. Without prior notice of your intentions, access points will be closed by site security. To avoid becoming locked into the gardens, please abide by this request.
  • Access to the garden is available 7 days a week. The gardens are normally closed over Christmas week or during extreme weather conditions. During these times, entry is not allowed.
  • All new allotment holders must attend our 7 Kitchen Gardening Workshops.
  • Appropriate gardening footwear and gloves must be worn at all times.
  • In line with Health & Safety procedures, access to your plot after working hours is only permitted by prior agreement. We recommend working in pairs due to the isolated nature of the gardens.
  • Only the plot holder or person authorised or accompanied by the plot holder is allowed on the site.
  • Toilet facilities are available in the bottom left of the allotments during working hours. You are not allowed into the Equestrian Learning Centre to use toilet facilities.
  • You must assume full responsibility for supervising children/those in your care at all times in all areas. Please note there are four water features in the garden. Please keep children safe and under supervision and with you at all times. Festina Lente cannot take any responsibility for supervision on our grounds.
  • Please keep dogs on a lead and under control at all times.
  • There is a first aid box and a list of first aiders in the kitchen chalet and the garden shop.
  • Plot holders are requested to respect each other and not to cause any nuisance or annoyance to each other.
  • Absence from plot. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you cannot maintain your plot for four consecutive weeks, please email and phone us as soon as possible. We can provide a weeding and maintenance service for you. There is a charge for this service of €25 per hour. However, if your absence exceeds six weeks, we will be obliged to take back the plot and pass it onto the next person on the waiting list.
  • End of growing season: Please remove any plants, seed trays, etc., from the tunnel. Failure to do so will result in them being disposed of.
  • We request all plots must be under cultivation.
  • Trip hazards – Scutch grass and other weeds – any excess items such as wood, bricks, canes/plant supports must be removed.
  • Please ensure that pathways are kept clear, with no obstructions, tools, wheelbarrows in the way of other persons.
  • Please bring all non-recyclable waste material home with you; we will provide composting facilities for green waste. Please dispose of weeds by either bringing them home or using the orange trailer in the nursery area.
  • Do not remove already existing Festina Lente planting.
  • Alcohol or smoking are not permitted in the gardens under any circumstances.
  • All Health & Safety instructions and signage must be followed at all times.
  • Please note, when we are in a position to schedule them, all new allotment holders must attend our Grow Your Own Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits Workshops.

Allotment renters must agree to completely abide by these Terms and Conditions and understand that failure to comply with these will be in breach of Health & Safety Procedures and may lead to the removal of your allotment rental agreement.

If you wish to enquire further, please contact Michelle Kavanagh, Garden Office Administrator at or by telephone on 087 43385425

Festina Lente run a comprehensive on-site course (subject to Covid restrictions). This covers everything from planning to planting and harvesting. Our qualified staff can also give advice if needed.

Yes. Except trees. Fruit, veg and flowers are welcome. Seeds can be started off in our polytunnels if required as some vegetables require heated areas to grow initially.

No. In order to maintain public health during this pandemic and for security reasons we ask that all gardeners bring their own tools. Wheelbarrows are available to use however please bring your own watering can. There are water butts and taps throughout the garden.

The gardens are open 8.30-5.00 Mon-Fri, 9.30-6.00 Sat and 11.00-6.00 Sun. On occasion, due to Government Restrictions during the Covid 19 Pandemic the gardens may be closed to the public and to allotment holders in keeping with public health guidelines.

Forms are available online here or in the garden shop. Due to the demand for plots there is a waiting list. Plots will be available from January to December.

No. If you wish to keep the same plot, you can simply re-new your plot the in November/December of the current year. An invoice will then be sent confirming your renewal for the following year.”

The Garden shop sells a variety of seeds when in season – soft fruit, seed potatoes, garlic and onion sets and vegetable plants.

Some allotment holders have their own compost bins or there is a weed compost area in the car park.

If you cannot come in to maintain your allotment, please contact our garden office and arrange for our gardeners to weed or water. A fee will be charged for this service.