Mobile Equine Outreach Programme

The Mobile Equine Outreach Programme is designed to introduce those who are unable to visit our Equestrian Learning Centre to the benefits of spending time with our four miniature Shetland Ponies – Alannah and Siofra, or Bob and Sean.

Visits to schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other venues can be planned and agreed with our Outreach Programme Co-ordinator.

What happens on the visit?

If you have a visit from our Mobile Outreach Unit, 2 staff members will accompany our ponies out to your school, nursing home or care centre. Our visit is designed to promote social and emotional wellbeing for all.

Visits allow for:

Equine Assisted Learning Sessions

Learning about the care and management of ponies and horses

And simply enjoying the ponies company!

Mobile Equine Outreach Programme Travel Radius:

We offer our services to the following organisations in the Leinster Area:

DEIS Primary and Secondary Schools

Special Needs Schools and Centres

Nursing Homes & Care Homes and Centres

Mental Health Hospitals & Centres


We will arrange a suitable day with you.

Booking Info:

If you would like to have our team come and visit you, Please click here for the Mobile Equine Outreach Enquiry Form.


There is a small fee involved with this service in order to cover costs which can be discussed with you over the phone.