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The charity that supports people to achieve their personal best in the natural world of horses, horticulture and community

A New Home for Festina Lente

Having found an ideal location to move to, Festina Lente now faces its greatest challenge to date. To secure this new home, the Charity has to raise €3,000,000, and we need your help!

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Festina Lente provides a unique range of equestrian, horticultural, training, employment services and recreational events. Our mission is to empower people to achieve their personal best in the natural world of horses, horticulture and community. All of our activities place a strong emphasis on social inclusion, choice and personal development.

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For Equestrian Learning Centre bookings or queries, please contact Nicola at bookings@festinalente.ie for QQI course bookings or queries, please contact Amanda at  qqi.admin@festinalente.ie

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Our charity welcomes the support that you can offer. You can donate your time as a volunteer, a product or service that the organisation uses, or make a financial donation to support the running of our services.


Join our Volunteer Programme to help us continue empowering our students to be their best.

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Your donations help us extend our services’ reach, allowing more people to avail of what we do.


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Email info@festinalente.ie for further information on how you can help us continue our work.

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Equine Welfare & Equitation Science at Festina Lente

At the heart of the work of the Festina Lente, Equestrian Centre is the relationship between humans and horses and how they benefit people in so many ways. Festina Lente’s approach to working with horses, such that their welfare is paramount, is an ongoing and evolving journey. Equine Welfare, excellent mental, emotional and physical health and well-being of our equine is vital to everyone at Festina Lente.

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