Corporate Partnerships

Festina Lente is happy to engage with corporate companies in many different ways.

  • Making donations – click here
  • Providing volunteers to work on projects
  • Offering goods and services
  • Sponsoring therapeutic sessions
  • Supporting campaigns
  • Sponsoring therapeutic beds or sensory trials
  • Providing employment opportunities
  • Supporting education
  • Facilitating staff fundraising events

The impact a company can have on the lives of those we support and their families can be immense.

Corporate partnerships can boost employee morale, build positive associations for your brand increasing awareness and engage a new audience who benefit from your companies involvement and support of Festina Lente.

There are many ways we can work together.  If you would like to know more about how your organisation can partner with Festina Lente and support people to achieve their personal best in the natural world of horses, horticulture and community, If you wish to contact the CEO, please telephone Dr. Jill Carey 086 354 9755 or email

Thank you for your support.