Half-day introduction to Ponies

The overall aim of this half-day camp is to offer children an introduction to ponies. We do this in the most positive way to encourage even the youngest child to be comfortable around horses.

This camp is designed to give children an opportunity to experience horse riding and stable management for the first time.

Children will be:

  • Introduced to ponies.
  • Taught about how ponies communicate.
  • Shown how to approach a pony.
  • Learn the basics in a riding lesson.

The client will have a leader provided for their riding lesson.


I know very little about horses. Do I need experience to try it?

No advanced experience around horse is necessary.

Do I need my own equipment?

No, we will supply approved hats and boots to all our clients should they need them.

When are Beginner pony camps offered?

Pony camps are offered at the holiday times, in line with all school holidays. Summer, Easter etc.

If I am nervous, can someone come with me?

Yes.A leader will be available to help you develop your confidence. A pony camp is a great way to develop confidence and trust in the staff and the horses.

I have some challenges to learning, can I still book a Half-day introduction to Ponies?

Yes. Our mission is to provide the best environment for each person’s learning.

Please contact Nicola at bookings@festinalente.ie or telephone 01-2720704 Ext. 213 to discuss any specific learning requirements your child may need.

I have some physical challenges, can these be facilitated?

To-date we have facilitated people living with a variety of physical challenges and so far have been able to provide this Programme.A visit to the facility is a great way to assess how best our environment meets your physical needs and what else can be done in the event that additional supports may be necessary.

I’m interested in a few of your courses, how do I know which one suits me best?

This is really good question as there are various programs.

In the event that you would like to develop a more informed understanding of the programs and the best one for you please contact the Equestrian Center Manager Clodagh Carey on 01-272074 Ext. 201 or at clodagh@festinalente.ie

How do I book?

Bookings can be made by contacting Nicola at bookings@festinalente.ie or telephone 01-2720704 Ext. 213.

What H and S procedures are in place during Covid 19 if I am taking lessons?

H & S is paramount in Festina Lente and once bookings are made new clients are sent a H & S information booklet which outlines all existing and pandemic-specific procedures that the organization has adopted.

In addition:

  • All coaches and clients wear masks
  • Break times are supervised and in an outdoor covered space.
  • All equipment is sanitized in between sessions
  • Social distancing rules apply
  • Hands are continually washed and sanitized with sanitising stations throughout the yard and site area.
I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Equestrian Center Manager Clodagh Carey on 01-272074 Ext. 201 or at clodagh@festinalente.ie for any further questions