Jonathan Kilpatrick

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Jonathan has taken part in a wide variety of programmes with Festina Lente. He completed the Level 3 General Learning Certificate with the Transition Training Programme and then went on to join the Equestrian Training Programme. During
this time Jonathan learned both equestrian and vocational skills.

Jonathan had a long-term goal of developing his passion for fitness into a career and so with support from the Saol Anois Programme and his key worker, he started to study for his Personal Training Certificate in 2019. Jonathan is currently finishing off his last few assignments before he is fully certified.

He began a work placement in Loughlinstown Gym to help develop his employment skills as part of our Supported Employment Programme. This has been really beneficial for many aspects of Jonathanʼs life including developing personal responsibility and independence. Jonathan quickly became a very valued member of the team and became a paid member of staff at the gym earlier in 2021.

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