Amy Gannon

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Amy Gannon is a 28-year-old girl who takes the bus each day from Crumlin to Festina Lente in Bray to work. But her story started a long time ago when she started attending Festina Lente to help with her learning disability. Amy explains, ‘I’d been attending St. Augustine’s School for special needs in Blackrock, however, I was challenged in my learning, a classroom situation didn’t work for me … I needed to learn by touch, feel and doing things, that’s how I’m made. At 19 I started riding therapy at Festina Lente, that’s 9 years ago now. The centre thought me to learn through experience and action, I just love the animals and got interested in learning how to work with the horses. I’m now a leader in therapeutic riding, it’s my career and passion. They have given me not only a career but the confidence to be something very important and to work with other kids who have challenges like me.’

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