Festina Lente is pleased to announce that we have received a grant of 3,000 € from Version 1, as part of their Community First programme.

The aim of the Community First programme is to improve employment opportunities by leveraging technology and skills, with Festina Lente chosen to provide funds to upgrade the Equestrian Training Programme. We believe that with the improved facilities that it will help the students to engage more with their learning and thereby increase the possibilities of securing employment once they have graduated.

This is fantastic for the Equestrian Training Programme due to the impact it will have for our learners. We will benefit from this by:

  • Improving the IT facilities
  • Provision of new desks
  • Providing a more conducive learning environment for the learners

We would like to thank Version 1 for and for choosing Festina Lente to receive this grant. We look forward to utilising Version 1’s grant and support to further improve employment opportunities for our students.