Festina Lente Policies

At Festina Lente we strive to ensure that our policy statements reflect the moral, ethical and legal position of the organisation in regard to our charitable purpose and day to day activities. We adopt best industry standards and comply with the standards set by the relevant regulatory bodies across all of our services.

In addition, annual reviews take place on all policies to ensure that they remain up-to-date and suitable for the environment in which we operate.

Our policies and procedures:

  • Maintain standards and ensure that we are meeting our commitments to our stakeholders
  • Show our service users, men and women, their families, carers and support workers that we have a clear and transparent framework about what procedures should be followed and why
  • Indicate that our organisation is operating in a professional and accountable manner
  • Ensure operational decisions are made within a framework and are consistently applied
  • Form the basis of comprehensive orientation for any new clients, family members, support workers or management staff