Transition Training Programme


What will I learn on this programme?

qqiawardThis is a three year HSE funded rehabilitative training programme which aims to provide trainees with a range of vocational and leisure related experiences. After the three years trainees will be able to make a well informed choice regarding further training or employment. On this programme you will complete a broad range of modules at QQI Level 3. Learning activities include computers, career preparation, personal finances, horticulture, art, cookery, healthy lifestyle management, personal care, literacy classes, functional mathematics, stable management and community participation, as well as a broad range of sports and recreational activities.  At the end of the programme you will receive a QQI FETAC Level 3 certificate for the modules you have completed. If you complete the required number of modules you will receive a QQI Level 3 Certificate in General Learning.

How do I know if I am eligible to do the course?

If you are over 18 years of age, are physically able for the demands of the course and have a learning disability you are eligible for the programme. Contact the programme manager if you have a question about your eligibility.

You do not need experience with horses to take part on this programme but you must enjoy working outdoors in all weathers.

All applicants must be registered with the HSE Occupational Guidance Service.


What do I get at the end of the course?

qqiawardAt the end of the programme you will receive a QQI FETAC Level 3 certificate for the modules you have completed. If you complete the required number of modules you will receive a QQI Level 3 Certificate in General Learning.

The programme is designed to give you an opportunity to sample a broad range of vocational, community and training activities so that you can make a well informed choice about what you want to do when you finish the programme.

There are opportunities for you to progress into further training within Festina Lente when you finish the Transition Training Programme and we also have a HSE funded adult day service for those who need further support. Places on these programmes are subject to application and available funding.

When does the programme start?

There is an intake of new trainees each September. Sometimes places become available during the academic year and if this happens new trainees may be able to start.

How can I apply?

Contact Jacqueline Joynt on 01-272 0704 (ext.207) or email to get an application form posted out.

You will also need to register with the HSE Occupational Guidance Service. Please contact Jacqueline for more details on to register.

What happens when I apply for the programme?

You will have an informal interview with the programme manager. If you are eligible for the programme you will be offered an orientation week.  This gives the instructors an opportunity to get to know you and gives you a chance to sample the programme and see how you like it. After the orientation week a place on the programme may be offered.


Do I get paid?

You will receive a training bonus each week. This is paid by electronic transfer into your bank account.

Is the programme full time?

The programme is 3 years long and is full time. Training takes place from Monday-Friday and starts at 9am every day. Training finishes at 4pm every day, except Fridays when training finishes at 3.00pm.

Are there exams or assessments on the programme?

A record of your work is kept in a portfolio throughout the year and each May an external examiner will visit the centre to look at individual portfolios. Sometimes there are practical assessments throughout the year, e.g. in cookery and computers. There are no written examinations on this programme.

Will I do a work experience placement as part of the programme?

Yes. All students have an opportunity to complete work experience placements in an area of interest to them, while on the programme.


Will I learn to horse ride?

Horse riding lessons are available to trainees of the Transition Programme. Certain Lessons are subsidised by the organisation. In the interests of horse welfare there is a rider weight limit of 13.5 stone.  For those riders who may exceed this we offer alternate equine related activities including long-lining, lunging and equine related care activities.

Do I get holidays?

Trainees have 1 week off at Easter, 4 weeks off in August and 2 weeks off at Christmas.

Do I need any equipment or clothing to take part on the course?

You will need to wear strong shoes or boots and jeans. Tracksuit bottoms or hoodies are not permitted. Clothing requirements are dependent on weather: rain jackets and rain trousers during wet weather, warm clothing during the winter, sun-cream and a hat during the summer. Riding hats, boots and body protectors are available in the training centre if you do not have riding gear for the orientation week. Once accepted on the Programme, it is compulsory for all trainees to buy and wear the Festina Lente uniform, their own riding hats and boots.


Is there accommodation available?

Festina Lente unfortunately cannot not provide accommodation.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact Jacqueline Joynt on 01-272 0704 (ext.207).

This video (by Rachael Cairns and uploaded onto Youtube by Rachel Cairns) shows some of the activities within our organization.